Your Choices Are Killing Me!


Word has gotten out that we’re in a recession and I know exactly what you’re thinking, ladies. How will you ever be able to afford a different handbag for each outfit? Well never fear, the world isn’t going to end yet. Salvation comes in the form of the Miche bag, the latest product to compete against the Snuggie for Best Infomercial of the Year.

The Miche Bag

When ordering a Miche bag, you can chose among 30 shells that snap onto the outside of the bag, held in place by EVERLASTING MAGNETS. The purse is advertised as a money saving bag for the woman who wants versatility without paying designer prices.

Real Silk!

The illusion of choice is supposed to make us feel like we’re getting more for our dollar. The silver iPod, not the pink one. The avocado green KitchenAid mixer, not the white one. Choosing the color of a kitchen gadget would’ve astounded our Victorian ancestors but is simply common place for 21st century consumers.

But aren’t we missing the point here? Sure, the Miche bag offers more than one style, but those changeable shells are most likely going to end up in a landfill right next to the plastic covers from your Nokia 5110 cellphone. If anything good can come of this recession, it will be the renewed desire to buy locally and reuse what we already have.

5110 Nokia Covers

A wide offering of choices may be part of the reason we’re in this mess in the first place. Too many companies are guilty of overreaching within the market. Yes, I’m talking to you General Motors. Instead of producing a small number of high quality items, we’re stuck with companies who make hundreds of poorly made items.

I’m not saying we have to go back to an era when cars only came in black and iPods (god forbid) only came in white. Buy maybe we can forgo a few choices in favor of quality. But if you act now, the Miche bag comes with a fourth shell, FREE!


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