Mille Rebornes


Despite amazing online versions of poker and the astonishing world of Wii, some of us still like to play with actual cards, or on game boards with real pieces. Analog games rock. I know an 8 year old who is a fiend for any kind of game, the medium doesn’t matter one bit. Nintendo DS or gin rummy, any format and he’s your opponent. So I thought I’d pick up a card game I absolutely loved as a child, Mille Bornes, as a gift for him. The object of Mille Bornes is to accumulate miles on a 1000 mile road trip while preventing your opponents from doing so by throwing speed blocks or flat tires in their way. The game I remembered playing was gorgeously designed, with the original French terms on the cards (Increvable means puncture proof! how great is that?) and beautiful graphics. When I saw its current incarnation, above at right, my heart sank. Oh how hideous the design has become. I can’t bear the look of the new cards. My eyes! Parker Brothers, was that really necessary? Evidently others felt the same way, because thankfully you can now buy a Collector’s Edition. Same awful new box, but inside are the much more appealing older versions of the cards. Hallelujah.


One Response to “Mille Rebornes”

  1. emilyleibin Says:

    I agree! the new Mille Bornes is a travesty! Board and Card games today can not hold a candle to their 1960’s and 1970’s predecessors.

    Mexican Train is my new love, possibly because it improves on the basic domino by adding color to the dots. Check it out!

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