Sleepless In Broadway



It was bad enough when the announcement hit the interweb that Dirty Dancing would be the next film adaptation to make it to a Broadway stage. It’s only gotten worse from there. Julie Taymor is directing working on a Spiderman musical while a whole group of crazies are writing an Addams Family musical. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse (emphasize with jazz hands), it has. A musical adaptation of Sleepless in Seattle will soon be on Broadway.

Sigh. Oh, Broadway. Movie-turned-musicals will not save you. Just look at Shrek the Musical, a large-scale production that’s only been averging a 60% attendance rate. Whatever happened to simply producing plays? Hairspray, Grease and Legally Blonde each ran their course this year, crawling to a close with poor audience numbers. The Great White Way was developed to worship and celebrate the art of the play and the playwright. A script written for the stage is completely different from one written for the screen.

Sleepless KidOkay, so if you’re going to do a Sleepless in Seattle musical, who can you put on stage that will be as charmingly befuddled as Meg Ryan? Will the kid who brings Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together in the film have a song and dance about finding a new mom?

Well if you have to do it, Broadway, please promise me one thing. You won’t mess with the scene where Rita Wilson describes the film An Affair to Remember.

…And for something much more entertaining than a Sleepless in Seattle musical, here is the film cut as a horror trailer.


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