Dear J.CREW: How American Can You Be?


Jenna and the Silk Chiffon Whitney Dress in the March 2009 Catalog

Jenna and the Silk Chiffon Whitney Dress in the March 2009 Catalog

When the latest J.CREW catalog arrived at my desk, I was shocked by the word “AMERICA…” centered on its icky (and inky) black cover. In the lower right hand corner was an image of a couple, cheerfully posing for the camera in a convertible parked facing the Golden Gate Bridge. On the inside of the cover are the words “…THE BEAUTIFUL” surrounded by photos of models including Lauren Hutton and artist Alex Katz in myriad poses around the great ol’ US of A: more San Francisco, some Philadelphia, and Route 66.What could be more American?

I challenge you, reader/consumer, to turn to the next page. And each subsequent page. Can you find a single item that was made in this great AMERICA? If you can find one, please tell me about it in the comments here. But I couldn’t find one. That’s right. Every item either says “import” or “made in Italy.”

As often as I have indulged in “City Fit” trousers and “Perfection” t-shirts, I find it appalling that J.CREW is touting the American line with imported products. I suggest they either adjust their gimmick to their geography or start making some of their products in the USA.

P.S. – I also found this J.Crew-initiated blog: J.CrewAholics. Check out the collage of items in the header….


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