Buy it Now, Then



Vending machines were all the rage in the 1940’s and 50’s. The allure of buying something the instant you thought of it was a potent sales tool, as our current addictions to internet shopping prove. Vending machines remain popular in Japan for all sorts of items, though in the USA they’re pretty much relegated to selling beverages and snacks. There is a genius art vending machine in the Whitney Museum’s lower level, a kitschy statement on the value of artwork and how it’s bought and sold. But a half century ago, you could rely on a vending machine to provide the trappings of a swell night out. Feel naked without your perfume? We can help.


Did your date forget the nosegay? No problem.



Did you forget your unmentionables?


Who needs a bartender—or a bar, for that matter?


Of course, if you’d rather keep things well-lit and wholesome, don’t forget to stock up on the light bulbs.

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