Financial Advice From A Melting Glob


This is the kind of stuff that really pushes my buttons. These Charles Schwab commericals are old news, but seeing one on my television tonight renewed my anger. This particular ad campaign makes use of rotoscoping, the process of tracing over a film, frame-by-frame. The result is a bizarre sort of animation that melts across the screen. By the time Charles Schwab adopted the technique, rotoscoping had become a systematic technique used by Richard Linklater in his film A Scanner Darkly. Not only do you have to film every scene, you have to hire several hands to work on every single frame. And why the marketing execs at Charles Schwab think that rotoscoping is perfect for discussing finances is anyone’s guess. But if anything good can come from this, it is the spoof videos on YouTube that respond to these silly ads. After the cut is my favorite, a spoof made by a group of 12 year-old boys. Even kids think these commericials are ridiculous!


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