Language of LOMO


Rocky Mountains in Evergreen, CO, LOMO Style

Rocky Mountains in Evergreen, CO, LOMO Style

Blurred and unfocused photos can be great. Today I discovered something many people already know about: LOMO. While wandering around NYU in search of a snack after some research, I discovered Lomography USA and the Lomography Store on West 8th Street, where some Lomographers were discussing where to display the Lomography Embassy plaque. I was mesmerized by the photo-filled walls, juicy colored plastic cameras, and a notebook one of my classmates had shown me. I had to try it myself.

img_0481Inside, the displays were shiny or soft and leathery; I particularly admired the way photos were stacked and flippable on Rolodex-like contraptions. There were many camera options and some vintage versions. I was familiar with the Diana and the Fisheye cameras, but the others were all new to me. Most impressive was how flashy the space was, and how many people were shopping for something that was so specialized.

LOMO Rolodex

LOMO Rolodex

It’s nice to see niche markets are still surviving and also how an older technology is still desireable and sought after, even in the digital age. The addictive LOMO forces have set in; now I want to get my own and take some low-res pics!


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