Vapid Revenge



Bookmark this under mindless ways to waste time on the internet:, an arsenal of virtual weapons to unleash upon your least favorite website.

Choose one—plague of flies? paint gun? martian attack? from Netdisaster’s drop-down menu of 33 options organized by categories, type in the URL of whatever site you happen to hate at the moment, sit back, and watch with satisfaction as the program destroys a screen shot of your despised enemy. If you prefer to personally command the destruction with more precision, there are video-game like options that allow you to control the point and shoot.


If you care enough to bother with this, but destruction just isn’t your style, fear not. Options exist. Adding the offender’s URL onto the end of, will drape a lovely slice of bacon across the problematic site. What exactly does this accomplish? Nothing. At. All. Remember: revenge is a dish best served cold.


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