Hybrid Life


A couple weeks ago my boyfriend’s Land Rover limped its way back to Cincinnati, casting serious solemnity over his car-driving soul. It was time to buy a new car, but what could possibly replace the English-made manliness of a hunter green 2001 Land Rover Discovery II? A BMW or Lexus SUV? A Saab station wagon?

What’s this? Cash for Clunkers? Okay – maybe it’s time to consider an American automobile. So, we’re off to the Ford dealership to check out the models! With an average of 14 miles to the gallon, the Land Rover definitely qualifies for the highest rebate.

Now onto the available models: perhaps the Flex could fill the void. The package with all of the desirable features is a bit over the budget. Maybe an Explorer? This would take much more convincing, it’s just not cool enough for this guy (or his girlfriend). It hasn’t changed much since the 80s. How about the Escape? Getting closer, but the pricing isn’t making sense yet. Unless…okay…let’s just try the hybrid model to see what it feels like. Always been curious. Uh-oh. This is great: black exterior, tan leather interior, and a fully-loaded navigation system. The price is about the same as the Flex, so he has to think about it. For about two minutes.

A test drive later and it’s now a possibility. Considering the fuel efficiency and cool-factor of driving a hybrid, this is it: automobile adoration.

Here it is a week later, having made it from Cincinnati back to New York City with only $60 worth of gas. That is truly impressive. And it still looks über-cool to co-workers and environmentalists alike. Now my boyfriend and I are noticing all of the other Escape hybrids around the city: taxis, service vehicles, even traffic enforcement. And there are so many other hybrid SUVs available out there. Here’s a list I found:

Ford Escape Hybrid
Mercury Mariner Hybrid
Mazda Tribute Hybrid
Saturn Vue Hybrid
Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Lexus RX 400h
Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
GMC Yukon Hybrid
Cadillac Escalade Hybrid
Mercedes ML 450 Hybrid
Saturn Vue Green Line Two-Mode (2010)
BMW X6 Hybrid (2010)
Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid (2010)
Saturn Vue Plug-in (2011)
Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid (2011)

For further information, check out this website/blog site.


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