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Around Again

March 25, 2009


Rodney Allen Trice creates witty items for the home from discarded objects he finds at the curb and in dumpsters. Trice doesn’t see what he does as recycling, preferring to use the term refitting instead. His Brooklyn studio resembles a parking lot for things awaiting their next chance at a new life.



Vapid Revenge

March 21, 2009


Bookmark this under mindless ways to waste time on the internet:, an arsenal of virtual weapons to unleash upon your least favorite website.


A Tie Worth Having

March 19, 2009

Photoshop tie


Green Totes: Are We Sure About This?

March 11, 2009


Is this really what the whole, green, eco-friendly trend is supposed to achieve? Totebags that are intended to replace plastic bags are now being mass produced by the thousands, probably out of harmful materials. Visit your local Forever 21 to see the anti-green tote bag, stacked up and strewn about, each printed with an extremely annoying phrase like “I know I’m green but what are you??” Oh boy.

Adaptive ReUse: Making Communities Out of Unused Structures

February 23, 2009

Abandoned Walmart building, Bardstown, Ky., Julie Christensen   

Abandoned Walmart building, Bardstown, Ky., Julie Christensen


What can be done with architecture that doesn’t work? Demolish it and rebuild? Ignore it? How about use it!

As part of a symposium by the Museum of the City of New York this past weekend, Emmanuel Blaumont, an associate from Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris, briefly described a vision of transforming abandoned Wal-Marts into new communities with inner courtyards and changing gruesome low-income high rises into functioning office buildings with shops and restaurants on the ground floors.  This is all about converting formerly single use structures into mixed-use organisms; recycling to an extreme.