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Hybrid Life

August 3, 2009

A couple weeks ago my boyfriend’s Land Rover limped its way back to Cincinnati, casting serious solemnity over his car-driving soul. It was time to buy a new car, but what could possibly replace the English-made manliness of a hunter green 2001 Land Rover Discovery II? A BMW or Lexus SUV? A Saab station wagon?

What’s this? Cash for Clunkers? Okay – maybe it’s time to consider an American automobile. So, we’re off to the Ford dealership to check out the models! With an average of 14 miles to the gallon, the Land Rover definitely qualifies for the highest rebate.



Keep Your Job: Look Busy @ Work

March 22, 2009

I love CBS’ Sunday Morning show. The trumpet intro and the Alexander Girard-like sun image; what’s not to like? Last Sunday, this great piece with Bill Geist aired, and it is worth a watch. For more information about how to look busy at work, go to Looking Busy: 50 ways to look busy at work even when you’re not.

Financial Advice From A Melting Glob

March 12, 2009

This is the kind of stuff that really pushes my buttons. These Charles Schwab commericals are old news, but seeing one on my television tonight renewed my anger. This particular ad campaign makes use of rotoscoping, the process of tracing over a film, frame-by-frame. The result is a bizarre sort of animation that melts across the screen. By the time Charles Schwab adopted the technique, rotoscoping had become a systematic technique used by Richard Linklater in his film A Scanner Darkly. Not only do you have to film every scene, you have to hire several hands to work on every single frame. And why the marketing execs at Charles Schwab think that rotoscoping is perfect for discussing finances is anyone’s guess. But if anything good can come from this, it is the spoof videos on YouTube that respond to these silly ads. After the cut is my favorite, a spoof made by a group of 12 year-old boys. Even kids think these commericials are ridiculous!


Green Totes: Are We Sure About This?

March 11, 2009


Is this really what the whole, green, eco-friendly trend is supposed to achieve? Totebags that are intended to replace plastic bags are now being mass produced by the thousands, probably out of harmful materials. Visit your local Forever 21 to see the anti-green tote bag, stacked up and strewn about, each printed with an extremely annoying phrase like “I know I’m green but what are you??” Oh boy.

A Moveable Home

March 10, 2009


Giles Miller's Grandfather-C and Wardrobe-C, both 2007

Giles Miller's Grandfather-C and Wardrobe-C, both 2007

For world travelers and furniture-commitment-phobes alike, modular meubles are highly desirable. Whether it’s the dreaded seven-letter word (economy), ecological awareness, or in an interest of being on the go, it seems modular madness is on the rise. Giles Miller has created a line of products that meet the needs of such transients. His creations live somewhere between post-modern masterpieces like Kuramata’s How High The Moon armchair and packing supplies or sculpture, delicately poised and fairly inexpensive.


Morning in America

March 8, 2009

fuck-economy-mugLooking for a romantic way to display your disgust with the economic downturn? This mug may be the item for you. There is something quite lovely about it.

Mug available at The Future Perfect and Cool Material.

Old School Candy

March 6, 2009

A walk along South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas is never dull. A combination of old hippies, young kids, and business execs crowd the sidewalks, perusing  small boutiques to escape the sun for a few minutes. The greatest respite from the heat and crowds is the Big Top Candy Shop, a time machine of a store that is a sight for sore eyes of any age.


Sleepless In Broadway

March 5, 2009


It was bad enough when the announcement hit the interweb that Dirty Dancing would be the next film adaptation to make it to a Broadway stage. It’s only gotten worse from there. Julie Taymor is directing working on a Spiderman musical while a whole group of crazies are writing an Addams Family musical. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse (emphasize with jazz hands), it has. A musical adaptation of Sleepless in Seattle will soon be on Broadway.


Fix It Up: Don’t Recycle, Repair!

March 4, 2009


Plastic Bag Sandals

Plastic Bag Sandals

In the spirit of recession and ecological awareness, Dutch design collaborative Platform21 is calling out the obvious: recycling is not really environmentally friendly or thrifty. Recycling is still responding to consumption and it’s time to take responsibility for what we buy, utilize, and waste.

Vintage has never been cooler. DIY has never been so practical. Frugality is style.

Branding the Recovery

March 4, 2009

aara_logo_2It’s official: the Obama Administration is embracing design in a progressive way that demonstrates how fresh and provocative new government can be. Although there are risks involved in developing logos and images for nations to stand behind, this movement to create many images that illustrate where the dollars of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) are going is refreshing.