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George Washington: Designer

June 23, 2009
Sixteen-Sided Barn @ Mount Vernon

Sixteen-Sided Barn @ Mount Vernon, replica completed in 1996

We all know General George Washington as the first President of the United States and the first Commander-in-Chief. Some might even know of his interests in agriculture. But who knew he was a designer?

Last Sunday afternoon I visited the Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens along the Potomac, outside of Washington, DC and it was more impressive from a design standpoint than I expected. And for me the mansion wasn’t the high point; rather it was the Sixteen-Sided barn.


Party Snack Explosion

March 18, 2009

Ritz Crackers

I’m not sure when it began, but I love the current Ritz Cracker campaign. They aren’t using flashy starbursts or terrible gradients. Just flat colors and light shading. It’s so very fun, in the vein of 1950’s advertising. Of course if it were up to me, I’d get rid of the poorly photoshopped Ritz logo on the open boxes.


March 16, 2009

6a00d8341d417153ef0112791b457428a4As much as I’d rather eat fancy natural dark chocolate, I can’t help but be dazzled by the simplicity and effectiveness of Snickers’ Snacklish campaign. It seems the Snickers team at Mars have come up with many punny ads for the nougat, peanut-filled candy bar.  Here are some more samples from the Peanut Gallery (couldn’t help myself) from the Facebook fan page:


Morning in America

March 8, 2009

fuck-economy-mugLooking for a romantic way to display your disgust with the economic downturn? This mug may be the item for you. There is something quite lovely about it.

Mug available at The Future Perfect and Cool Material.

Old School Candy

March 6, 2009

A walk along South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas is never dull. A combination of old hippies, young kids, and business execs crowd the sidewalks, perusing  small boutiques to escape the sun for a few minutes. The greatest respite from the heat and crowds is the Big Top Candy Shop, a time machine of a store that is a sight for sore eyes of any age.


Breakfast Beauty

February 23, 2009



The first Pop-Tarts to jump out of toasters in the 1960’s were basic rectangles of pastry, frosted or not, with simple jam fillings. Over time that plain white frosting has been replaced by brightly hued icing adorned with squiggles of complementary colors and rainbow sprinkles. Hello Kitty Meow-Berry Pop-Tarts are fluorescent pink, festooned with adorable flower shaped sprinkles. I figured Kellogg had no new worlds to conquer, at least as far as the appearance of this product was concerned. I’m pleased to admit I was spectacularly wrong; they’ve really outdone themselves with NASCAR Printed Fun Pop-Tarts.