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Around Again

March 25, 2009


Rodney Allen Trice creates witty items for the home from discarded objects he finds at the curb and in dumpsters. Trice doesn’t see what he does as recycling, preferring to use the term refitting instead. His Brooklyn studio resembles a parking lot for things awaiting their next chance at a new life.




March 22, 2009

picture-1For all the word nerds, this one’s for you. Consider this: every time a dictionary is republished, some words don’t make the cut. What happens to these abandoned words? Who will remember them? With your help, the website Save the Words is helping to preserve them. Once you find a word or words you would like to take home with you, there are many options for how you can keep it/them alive. Consider skywriting… or graffiti… or even a tattoo. Or you could use it in your next game of scrabble. The possibilities are endless.

Green Totes: Are We Sure About This?

March 11, 2009


Is this really what the whole, green, eco-friendly trend is supposed to achieve? Totebags that are intended to replace plastic bags are now being mass produced by the thousands, probably out of harmful materials. Visit your local Forever 21 to see the anti-green tote bag, stacked up and strewn about, each printed with an extremely annoying phrase like “I know I’m green but what are you??” Oh boy.

Covering the Home Front

March 8, 2009


Clockwise from top left: #17 Use anger to throw them into disarray; #12 If you want to weaken something you must certainly strengthen it; #8 In the case of the Firmly Unbending, entice and then seize them; #2 Attack where they are unprepared.

Brooklyn-based artist Miriam Schaer transforms garments—gloves, girdles, bustiers, brassieres, and children’s clothes—into artwork and books that explore feminine, social, and spiritual issues. Have a look at my favorite project of hers: Rules of Engagement. It features epigrams from Sun-Tzu’s fifth century The Art of War hand-embroidered onto a series of 14 hostess aprons, along with Xerox-transfer printed portraits of idealized women. It’s a witty take on how those of lesser power can seize victory if they are smart enough to transform the enemy’s apparent strengths into weaknesses.

I asked Schaer how the idea came to her. “I never heard of this guy until I bought Sun Tzu and the Art of Business: Six Strategic Principles for Managers at an airport bookstore in Spain some years ago. I thought it was crazy: why was a Chinese war theoretician being used to explain the business world? That seemed so obvious. I thought it would be a lot more interesting to insert those rules into a domestic context instead.” You can get your very own copy of Rules of Engagement as a softbound book at

Fix It Up: Don’t Recycle, Repair!

March 4, 2009


Plastic Bag Sandals

Plastic Bag Sandals

In the spirit of recession and ecological awareness, Dutch design collaborative Platform21 is calling out the obvious: recycling is not really environmentally friendly or thrifty. Recycling is still responding to consumption and it’s time to take responsibility for what we buy, utilize, and waste.

Vintage has never been cooler. DIY has never been so practical. Frugality is style.