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Hybrid Life

August 3, 2009

A couple weeks ago my boyfriend’s Land Rover limped its way back to Cincinnati, casting serious solemnity over his car-driving soul. It was time to buy a new car, but what could possibly replace the English-made manliness of a hunter green 2001 Land Rover Discovery II? A BMW or Lexus SUV? A Saab station wagon?

What’s this? Cash for Clunkers? Okay – maybe it’s time to consider an American automobile. So, we’re off to the Ford dealership to check out the models! With an average of 14 miles to the gallon, the Land Rover definitely qualifies for the highest rebate.



Plastic Palm Trees in Paradise

March 18, 2009


David Graham documents America as a place where the intersection of cultural and actual landscape leads to moments of strange beauty. His cheerful supersaturated color photographs, graced by a bemused appreciation of his native land, capture a vivid jumble of roadside attractions and manmade structures locked in unexpected tension with their environment. Almost Paradise, his newest book with a foreword by noted writer Jack Hitt, ventures into dark territory with images of post-Katrina New Orleans sequenced together with objects in a wax museum and sunny days in no-man’s land. Graham’s postindustrial scenes devoid of the humans who created them will haunt your subconscious in the best possible way.

Buy it Now, Then

March 10, 2009


Vending machines were all the rage in the 1940’s and 50’s. The allure of buying something the instant you thought of it was a potent sales tool, as our current addictions to internet shopping prove. Vending machines remain popular in Japan for all sorts of items, though in the USA they’re pretty much relegated to selling beverages and snacks. There is a genius art vending machine in the Whitney Museum’s lower level, a kitschy statement on the value of artwork and how it’s bought and sold. But a half century ago, you could rely on a vending machine to provide the trappings of a swell night out. Feel naked without your perfume? We can help.